Program description:

The aim of this course is to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to work in the course "Fastener of Steel Structures" basic level, which also includes information on labor protection.

Learning outcomes:

  • Performs work with manual and mechanized tools and equipment; be able to operate this equipment in accordance with the requirements of labor protection.
  • Performs work on portable motorized equipment, including generators, welding machines and air compressors.
  • Performs work using ladders and scaffolding in accordance with the Safety Rules for this type of work.
  • Performs work related to the identification and use of materials and accessories for installation work, within its competence.
  • Knows the methods of assembly and installation of finished structures;
  • Knows the methods and techniques of assembly and installation of rigging and lifting equipment and devices for the installation of medium-weight structures;
  • Knows the methods of slinging hinged structures, methods of connecting and fastening structural elements;
  • Performs work on the definition of steel installation methods;
  • Performs work on the interpretation of drawings: to know and understand the abbreviations and symbols used in the drawings of metal structures;
  • Installation of metal decking and compliance with safety requirements
  • Performs work on the calculation of interaxal dimensions when installing beams between columns;
  • Performs work on the movement of goods using small-sized lifting equipment, including sling equipment.
  • Performs fabrication work (cutting, grinding and assembly of metal structures)
  • Performs works on installation of metal structures; determination of the type of shaped steel;
  • Performs steel mounting bolt assembly work, identify and understand fastener markings.