Automated process control systems control and measuring devices

Program description:

The purpose of this course is to conduct a qualification assessment and organize courses for the training of candidates in the field of instrumentation, improving existing and acquiring new skills in instrumentation, as well as improving understanding and features in the field of safety engineering.

Learning outcomes:

- main processes of commissioning
- safety requirements during commissioning
- rules for using tools when working at height
- familiarization with test devices for commissioning and work with them
- principles of operation of the main instrumentation and their commissioning
- principles of operation of the main sensors of the fire and gas protection system and their commissioning
- principles of operation of the main control valves and their commissioning
- basics of metrology
- basics of the principle of operation of an automated process control system
- familiarization with the main documentation during commissioning and the document flow mechanism.



  • Final certification is carried out in the form of theoretical testing and practical tasks.
  • The theoretical test consists of two variants of 25 questions each. Test tasks contain the material of the passed sections and topics of the program. There are four possible answers for each question, of which one answer is correct. The testing period is 90 minutes.
  • The practical task is performed by the candidate outside the classroom, at the production site, according to the assignments.
  • To successfully pass the final assessment, the candidate must score a sufficient number of points: in the theoretical part - 60%, and in the practical part - 70%.
  • Recertification. Participants who have not passed a theoretical test or a practical task may be allowed to re-certify 1 (one) time no earlier than two days after self-training.
  • After passing the final certification, the candidate is issued a certificate of the established form indicating the discipline and the assigned level.
  • The certificate, at a minimum, indicates: the full name of the candidate, personal identification number, name of the course of study, level, as well as the period of study and date.