Program description:

The purpose of this course is to conduct a qualification assessment and organize courses for the training of candidates for the specialty "Electrician", improving existing and acquiring new skills in electrical installation, as well as improving understanding and features in the field of safety

Learning outcomes:

  • composition and scope of electrical installation works of networks of electrical installations up to 1000V;
  • power supply of factories and industrial sites of enterprises;
  • reading electrical circuits of lighting installations;
  • to make a calculation on the choice of sections of wires and cables according to the allowable current;
  • organization and mechanization of electrical work at the facility;
  • technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of the PUE;
  • knowledge of the sequence of technological operations during the installation of electrical wiring;
  • requirements for installation of cables and wires on trays;
  • ways of laying wires and cables on trays;
  • purpose and types of cable glands;
  • electrical wiring in steel pipes;
  • grounding of electrical wiring;